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Sep, 2023

Fall 2023 Rules Summary

Games will consist of 2 equal halves, or 4 even quarters, not to exceed the duration listed above. Half-
time will be a minimum to 5 - 8 minutes set by the referee. Each period should not exceed 1 minute.
Games should start on time so that later games may also be started on time. If a game starts late, it can be
shortened by the referee.
An AYSO CURRENT uniform jersey is mandatory for every player, including goal-keepers, as proof of
eligibility to play. Non-eligible players ARE NOT PERMITTED TO PLAY, no exceptions. Uniform jerseys must not be
personalized or customized (i.e. team or players name)
One of the teams must wear the opposite color of their reversible jerseys. The goal keeper must wear a pinnie
or keeper jersey of a different color of the home and visiting team.
Equipment required to play is: shin-guards, socks that cover the shin guard completely, soccer cleats, tennis
shoes or turf shoes. Items that are not allowed are: jewelry earrings, visible piercing, hard hair accessories, bracelets,
watches, fitness trackers, brimmed hats, non-prescription eyewear (sunglasses), or any other items deemed dangerous
for the player or others by the designated referee. Soft caps(knit). May be worn by players in cold weather. A
hoodie may be worn but the hood has to be tucked into the back of the jersey. Blue jeans are not allowed. Any
other legging wear must have the socks pulled up over the pants. Football and baseball cleats are NOT allowed.
Team captains shall call at a coin toss by the official before the game starts. The winner of the coin toss
chooses which goal to attack in the first half of the game, the loser kicks off first. After halftime, teams switch
goal sides of the field. The team that kicked off the first half of the game shall defend at the start of the second
half. A recent change in the rules, IFBA Law 8, stating that the ball may be kicked in any direction at kick-off.
Coach-Box Area and Spectator Control Lines marked at the Field in blue must be respected during games
Spectators and coaches are not permitted behind the goal lines and goal posts.
FOR 6U - 7U : Substitution rules are at 2nd quarter, half-time, 3rd quarter and for injuries.
These are allowed during natural stoppages of play or a"stop-spot"at the referees discretion. All breaks, except
half-time, shall be limited to 1 minute. It is not designed for coaching moments during the game. Any extention of this
time shall be deducted from the official game clock that the referee keeps.
FOR 8U - 15U Substitutions are permitted by either team during the game at natural stoppage of play,
those being: between halves, restart after a goal, goal-kick and throw-ins. The team not taking the goal kick or
throw-in may substitute if their opponents' substitute and with the referees approval
ALL DIVISIONS: No player should play less that 1/2 of any game, (unless arriving late). No player should
play the whole game until everyone else has played 2 out of the 4 periods in a game. A restart shall occur when
all players are at least 5 yards from the ball. A goal is scored when the ENTIRE ball passes the goal line.
A ball is considered "OUT OF PLAY" when the entire ball crosses a boundary line. The refere will determine
the proper restart. When the goal differential is 5 goals, the BLOWOUT RULE is applied and will be outlined and
discussed at the coaches meeting. The opposing team is allowed an additional player for the rest of the match.
6U - 15U: Deliberate heading by players is NOT permitted.
6U - 7U: Offside fouls are NOT called. All fouls and misconduct shall result in a direct free kick.
There are no penalt kicks. Restarts by throw-in are allowed in Div 1, and a 2nd attempt if done improperly.
8U - 15U: Offside fouls should only be called when it is balantly obvious and beyond any doubt. Goal
keeper rule infractions are loosely enforced.
REFEREE AND LINES PERSONNEL: All referee decisions are final on and off the field and must be
respected by players, coaches and all spectators. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of the spectators on
their side of the field. reprint of original by AJ Fynan
A. Winner of the coin toss can choose to kick off or choose a side
B. Goal kicks and free kicks in the penalty area are in play when the ball moves
C. Drop balls are no longer required. The referee will place the ball for a single player.
D. If a ball hits the referee, play-on as he is determined as part of the field.
F. Yellow and red cards can now be shown to coaches and league officials
‚óŹ Smoking and drinking are not allowed on the field. Pets are also not allowed on the field

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